7 Savvy Style Tips
to help you find
your ideal outfit
for your daughter’s
mother of the bride

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We  all know the wedding day is all about the bride but when it comes to looking amazing, the mother of the bride is a close second. It can be a stressful time leading up to a wedding with all the planning and organising so I have outlined seven tips to help you find the perfect outfit for this momentous occasion so that you will feel sensational and relaxed on the day. Deciding on an outfit can be a little daunting especially if there are wedding colour schemes etc.

These seven savvy tips will help you be the absolute best version of yourself, staying true to your personal style, colouring and silhouette.


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“Such a creative lady-I have worn two of Moira’s headpieces to weddings- so light and comfortable to wear for the entire day. She has the intuitive skill of knowing what will best suit her clients and has fantastic advice on colour and style.”




“I so enjoyed wearing this piece. It was comfortable, stylish, perfect with my outfit and incredibly well made. I highly recommend  this designer for your headpiece. Thanks Moira.” 



Moira O’Toole



Colour & Style Consultant