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Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.

There are endless options available when choosing  bridal headpieces today. I love that now more than ever brides can embrace their own personal style without feeling they have to follow a particular trend. It’s your day and you make it your own!

Due to covid restrictions over the last two years, brides are a lot more decisive about their style and type of wedding that they want. There is definitely a break away from the stereotypical big wedding party/dance. Many couples are choosing smaller more intimate gatherings in unique surroundings in their favourite places at home or abroad. More are opting for themed weddings, making the day more personal and enjoyable. Couples are more practical now choosing what suits them rather than what used to be expected. This change is reflected in what brides are choosing to wear.

Face Shape

An important consideration is that your bridal headpiece suits your face shape and hair style as it will be in all the photos. Check out Hat styles to suit your face shape here.

Modern & Simple Styles

Some brides are opting for dresses or jumpsuits that they can wear again, so headpieces for these styles are usually more modern and simple. Brides wearing a vintage style tea length dress might choose a more embellished headpiece with lace or beaded detail.

Brides who opt for the fairytale gown may modernise their look with halo style tiaras, created with pearls or clusters of beads. A statement veil can be worn with a jewelled hairband  and removed for later in the evening.

Of course when choosing your headpiece, other accessories and the dress style have to be taken into consideration. With a high neck dress, accessories and headpiece need to be kept simple. Off the shoulder dresses suit a nice halo tiara or softer hair vine styles.

I love the feathered trim pieces popular over the last two years. A jewelled hairband would be a nice addition with the feathered dress style. Alternatively if your dress is simple and structured you could add lightness and a touch of elegance with a feathery headpiece.

Lace and textured dresses can be matched with lace/applique combs or hair vines. A simple sparkly headband or tiara would also work. If you choose not to wear a veil, you can also wear an embellished hairband with these ornate more elaborate gowns.

A romantic bohemian style of dress suits floral crowns offering a softer look, popular for summer weddings  abroad. A floppy straw hat would also be an option but of course it all depends on the bride’s style and level of comfort in what she would wear.

Statement or Vintage Styles

Jumpsuits with trains, trouser suits and tailored fitted dress styles are usually statement pieces in themselves, so a simple birdcage veil, pillbox, hairband or chic little button style with a little veiling will suffice.

I personally look forward to more hats returning. Bridal headpieces such as little bandeaus or lace top hats are fabulous with a vintage look . A trouser suit or structured dress would suit a larger statement piece. I love to see the bride’s individual style coming through. If the last two years have taught us anything, it is  ” be yourself  and enjoy the moment!’

You can check out my bridal headpiece collection below.

Bridal Headpieces by M.O.D. Designs

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