Pantone Autumn/Winter colours 2021/22

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LFW colours

Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.

Colours are so important, even when we think we don’t notice them, they are creating a feeling, an atmosphere, an experience.
Every year Pantone releases the forecasted Colour of the Year, usually it is announced in December. This year it was a colour duo of illuminating yellow and ultimate grey to convey a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting-helping us to look forward to a brighter year ahead.
These chosen colours draw attention and tap into consumer trends, helping designers to create products that will appeal to buyers. Shutterstock also release an annual colour trend report.
Colour is the emotional side of design- transforming our moods and personality through what we wear.
This year’s Pantone Autumn/Winter Colour Trends 2021/22 are described as a colour palette from nature, blending heritage with quirkiness.
Tina Dunne’s book “Colour for Living” details the dynamic power and role that colour plays in our lives. After spending time in South America she could see that colour has an enormous impact on “our physical and psychological wellness, adaptability and attitude.”
According to Pantone Colour Institute, Winter 2021 colours will reflect our interest in discovering ourselves again. The colours are supposed to encourage us to invest only in fashion trends that always come back in style.
The core classics or neutrals from London fashion Week’s palette are;
PERFECTLY PALE (suited to summer colouring or soft muted skin tones)
ULTIMATE GREY (summer/winter palette, looks good on cool tones)
OLIVE BRANCH (suits spring and autumn palette)
AFTER MIDNIGHT (summer/winter palette)
These four colours are the for staples in your wardrobe eg. the winter coat, a suit, a blazer..
These are the practical colours for your investment pieces that you will rewear again and again. The brighter colours are used to mix the playful with the practical.
I am focusing on the LFW trends here but I do love two of the colours from the New York Fashion palette, SPRING LAKE-a petrol blue and FUCHSIA FEDORA- a striking pink.

GREEN BEE (winter or deep as it has a touch of warmth)
TOMATO CREAM (suited to warm and autumn colourings)
IBIZA BLUE (bright winters and springs)-one of my favourites on this palette
ILLUMINATING YELLOW (winter palette or bright would look best wearing it)
WINERY (Autumn or deep tones)
FIRST BLUSH ( summer or light skin tones)
DOWNTOWN BROWN ( warm/autumn/deep tones)
DAYLILY (spring or autumn)
CLEAR SKY (summer/cool tonal category, winter could wear it with higher contrast)
RED ALERT (spring and autumn red)

If you need to invest in one good item, make sure it’s a colour that suits your skin tone. Ultimate Grey and After Midnight are two classic colours that will never date that you can change up with brighter colour scarfs, gloves and hats.
If you love a colour that is not in your palette, there are ways of toning it down with other colours and creating balance so that you still look radiant.

Have you chosen your favourite colour from the palette?
Does it bring you joy or harmony?
Making colour work for you will help your mood and physical well being.

Colour personality testing is a universal tool, employed to help people understand more about themselves and help them live with ease and harmony, but that is a subject for another day.
Learn to “be uniquely you.
Stand out. Shine.
Be colourful.”
(Amy Leigh Mercree)

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