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by | 6 Mar 2021 | Hat styles

woman wearing red pillbox that suits her face shape

Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.

There is a hat to suit every face shape but firstly you need to find the correct hat styles that flatter your features. You want to find the perfect one that brings balance and harmony to your face shape. If you have difficulty discerning your face shape there are many apps that can help you. When you discover your best hat styles and face shape you will have fun.

Round faces

Finding a flattering hat to suit your face shape can sometimes be complicated. If you have a round face, choose asymmetrical shaped hats or slant a straight brimmed hat at an angle to balance out the roundness of the face and height.

Wear hats such as cloches and fedoras farther back on your head or add length by wearing a hat with a taller crown.

A cloche, fedora or angular hat will look good on you as they will sharpen your features.

Oval faces

If your face is oval shaped, lucky you!

You will look great in just about any hat. You can experiment with different hat styles and not have to worry about finding something that isn’t going to be flattering to your face shape.

Play around and try every style until you find the hats that fit with your style personality. Have fun and see what suits your mood from fedoras to turbans, baker boys to beanies, the choice is yours.

Heart shaped faces

If you have a heart shaped face, choose hat designs with a small to medium sized brim or no brim at all.

Avoid wide brimmed/floppy brimmed hats because they accentuate the narrowness of the chin area. Hats with a slanted brim give the illusion of added width to the chin area which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Diamond shaped face

When choosing a hat for a diamond shaped face, the aim is to find a shape that creates more length.

This can be achieved by wearing hats farther back on your head. Complement your shape with fedoras, turbans and medium brimmed hats that elongate the face and try to create an oval.

Triangular shaped face

The best hats for your face shape will create width at your forehead and draw attention to the upper part of your face. Choose hats with a full crown and wide brim that will give the illusion of width to this part of your face. Wide brim sun hats are great on you as are asymmetrical brims/crowns with height.

Finally hats with decorative detail at one side also draw the eye off centre and create asymmetrical balance.

Square shaped face

If you have a square shaped face, choose hats with wide brims and a round crown to soften the jawline.

It is best to avoid hat styles with angled brims because it accentuates the angled features of a square face. Slanting or tilting the brim works well as a contrast to square jawlines.

It is best to avoid boxy and structured hats and hats with angles such as fedoras.

Oblong shaped faces

The right hat creates symmetry on your face and brings balance to your face shape.

If you have an oblong face shape choose hats with a flared (upward) brim and crowns that are deep enough to cover the forehead. Styles worn at an angle also break up the length of the face and bring attention to the features. You can also create this effect by wearing wide brimmed floppy hats, cloches or berets.

Experiment and have fun trying on different hat shapes! Use the tips here as a guide to help you find the perfect hat for your face shape so you can have fun accessorising your outfits and complementing  the overall look.

Check out my free guide here with 5 actionable tips to help you ROCK that hat without wondering if it’s appropriate.

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