woman looking younger using 5 fashion tips

Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.

 Look younger-5 fashion tips! How amazing, you can transform your style and confidence by incorporating these simple tips.



Always choose good quality fabrics that move and hang well. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton cashmere and crepe wool are a good choice. Think of cost per wear when you are shopping rather than initial price which also results in more sustainable shopping. Any fabric with texture will reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face and soften your features. Wear clothes that are a good fit and not too big adding volume where you don’t need it. A shorter fitted jacket looks better and more youthful than a baggy shapeless one. Wear a breton tee shirt/a cami or crisp white/ivory shirt inside your jacket rather than a floral patterned one. Rather than wearing your jacket as part of a suit mix things up and wear with a different skirt or pants/jeans for effortless chic.


Style Personality


Know your style personality and dress in away that pleases and represents you. Browse through pinterest and collect some styles you love and pin them together and notice what your drawn to whether romantic ruffles or tailored chic etc. Take some photos of yourself when you are dressed up and look at your silhouette and notice what looks good and flatters your bodyshape. Highlight your best features and camouflage the areas you are not so confident about and don’t forget good fitting underwear or shapewear.

Mix designer & High St.

Mix and match designer items with high street. Pick a few trends that work for you with your good quality capsule wardrobe. Don’t wear head to toe trends unless you know it suits you.


Accessorizing your classics with an edgy bag, a piece of jewelry, sunglasses or funky shoes instead can make a real difference to your outfit. Add one exciting and unexpected element to your look to add a dash of panache. You can update and change outfits by playing with trending accessories.

Colour palette

Brighten up the colour palette you wear to highlight your features and make you look freshfaced. Before investing in some key items for a capsule wardrobe, such as a long coat(wool or trench), a blazer, good fitting trousers, a shirt and a fabulous dress, learn what neutral tones suit your complexion best and add some of your best accent colours close to your face to give you a lift and make you glow. Wearing colours that look good on you can improve mood, energy levels and your whole confidence.

Finally stand tall, engage your core and smile, you are fabulous!
Embrace looking younger with these 5 fashion tips. They are only guidelines and everybody decides what works for them but most importantly if you are confident and happy in what you wear that is all that matters.
If you have any more tips for looking younger you can share them in the comments below.

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