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by | 9 Mar 2021 | Mother of the bride

Mother of the bride/woman wearing black and white hat

Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.

The mother of the bride is celebrating one of the most joyful occasions of her life at her daughter’s wedding so a few style tips will help her be relaxed and able to look forward to the wedding. 

Flatter your skin tone & body shape

Firstly choose an outfit that flatters your figure. Know what style will accentuate your best features. Before you start your outfit search make sure you are aware of colour palettes for the day, for example what the bridesmaids will be wearing and flower arrangement colours. You don’t have to totally match but a colour that would complement the palette will look good for photos. Avoid white or any colour close to what the bride has chosen to wear.

Hats & face shape

Many women are convinced that hats don’t suit them, however very often it’s just that they haven’t found the right one for their face shape. It’s important you choose a style that you are comfortable with and that complements your shape and height. If you are tall, go for wider brims and avoid tall hats. Avoid large hats and go for perchers, halo crowns or hatinators, if you are petite.

If you are wearing a hat with a brim, upturned brims are better for photographs as they don’t cast a shadow on your face. Of course it is probably wiser not too wear a hat that is too large as there will probably be lots of embracing on the day.

Hat Etiquette

On the day the mother of the bride dictates when other ladies remove their hats and fascinators. It is usually after the wedding lunch and before the dancing. Until she removes her hat other ladies are expected to leave theirs on.

Of course many of these older traditions have fallen by the wayside and wedding formats vary more now too. Still, it is nice to take hat etiquette into consideration and be aware of some of the rules

Wedding venue

It is important to consider your style of hat if the wedding is abroad and outside on a beach. You want to make sure it is secure on your head and not easily blown away. It needs to be light, comfortable and practical (keeping the sun off your head).

Personal Style

Finally choose a hat that you feel comfortable wearing. You don’t want to feel awkward greeting guests wearing a dramatic hat if you are naturally a classic or relaxed style. Don’t be influenced by friends or family if it doesn’t feel right for you. You want to be relaxed and free to enjoy your day with your beautiful daughter and family, while still looking stylishly fabulous. 

Find my free checklist here : 7 Savvy Style Tips for Mother of the Bride 

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