Online Colour Analysis

With colour analysis you can discover your most flattering colours that will instantly transform your appearance and make you feel incredible. Knowing that you are wearing the best colours to suit your skin tone and colouring gives you confidence and a radiance that attracts many compliments.

You will look fresher and younger wearing the colours that suit you and it will be much easier to choose an outfit for your special occasion.

I offer an online service to discover your unique colours. You will discover your best neutrals and accent colours. You will also learn how to combine colours together and with your digital swatch of your best colours, shopping will be so much easier.

How it works

  • I will send you a questionnaire to complete and you will send me two to three photos of your face(make up free) taken in good lighting.
  • I will personally analyse your photos until I find the perfect matching colour palette to suit your skin tone and features.
  • Finally using zoom, I will explain how I arrived at the chosen palette and discuss how you can mix and match different colour combinations. The consultation also offers advice on jewellery, accessories and make up.
  • If you are busy and prefer not to meet on zoom, I can make a recording or a printed analysis and will reply to any further questions by email.

Treat yourself before you buy that special outfit and discover your “wow” colours, all from the comfort of your own home.