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Written by Moira O'Toole

I am a part time milliner and colour and image consultant with an interest in all things fashion related.


Do you have a style icon?

We all know celebrities or tv personalities whose style we admire. But do you ever take note of what it is you love about their style. Have you ever tried to steal your icon’s style?  We have all experimented with different styles along the way but as we mature, we definitely get more of a sense of what works and what doesn’t work for us.

What is the use of having a style icon anyway? There are some good reasons to find a style icon to help you along your style journey . Well they can inspire you to improve your style. They can encourage you to try different outfits, putting items you already own together in new ways.

Pay attention to what they are wearing and see if you can copy their outfit with clothes you already have. Notice the details in their outfits. Perhaps they are wearing an outfit as simple as a pair of trousers, a t shirt and a jacket. Why is theirs more stylish?  Well maybe there is some sort of detail or embellishment on the t shirt . It could be just that their trousers fit perfectly and are suited to their body shape and the colour of the jacket flatters their skin tone. Maybe it is just how they accessorise the outfit with a scarf or jewellery in a way that you would never think of.

Grooming is very important too of course. Sometimes we just do as little as we feel is necessary , however when you look at your style icon, the grooming will always be just perfect.

Choosing a style icon

Why not choose 2or 3 style icons you admire from the past or present day. As style is constantly revolving, lots of classic looks from the past can easily be adapted today. You can look for your icon also on google or Pinterest searches.Try using the words “Style Icon” or “Mature Style Icon”.

If you find someone you like the look of why not then search on their name and see what else comes up. You may want to find a style icon with a similar body shape to yours – so then search on your body shape and the word “celebrity” and this will often bring you up a range of people that have been broadly categorised as your body shape.

It’s true of course most style icons have had professional help in achieving their looks but we can get a sense of our likes and dislikes from our icons and use this knowledge to make less shopping mistakes and impulse buys.


Steal your icon’s style-creating a style board

If you are familiar with Pinterest, why not create a personal style board of styles & fashions you like ( you can search for street style & style icon looks you like) & pin these to your personal board. Another way of doing it would be to take screenshots of looks you like from magazines etc. and paste them on pic collage or Canva app to collate them.

Keep in mind the style that is most suited to your lifestyle. Think of your day/week & assess how many hours you spend in work clothes, leisure/ fitness gear or social/occasion clothes. Look for the best celebrity match to your lifestyle so you can steal her style.

With this information, now gather 20-30 pictures & notice whether you prefer

-trousers or skirts & dresses

-silver or gold accessories

–  mixing prints or block colours

-romantic floral outfits or structured tailored pieces

– colours you are drawn to

– natural fabrics or more ornate decorative style

Do you notice a common thread. Are there any common factors or styles that stand out for you?

Work your wardrobe to steal her style

With the knowledge you have gathered about your own personal style and what is suited to your life style now is the time to have a good look in your wardrobe. Note the items that are missing or don’t suit your life style. With your pinterest board as a guide can you put together an outfit for an occasion or a night out stealing your style icon’s style.

Choose your main piece, have you something in your wardrobe that suits your unique style preference? Now add your shoes and accessories. Note what you are missing. Knowing what works for you can make you more intentional about your shopping. When you buy something think of how many ways you can wear it. Very often the cause for wardrobe issues is a mismatch between lifestyle and closet. The process of building a wardrobe that works for you takes time. Stealing your style icon’s style can help you plan your outfits better and of course good style is being consistent with your signature style.

If you would like to learn more about defining your style while taking inspiration from your icons, check out my online course here…

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