How to steal your  icon’s style and make it work for you


Three Day Challenge starting on May 30th

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Have you ever sat down and consciously thought of the kind of clothes and outfits you would like to have in your wardrobe?

Probably not, because with the every day busyness of life, who has the time?

How would it feel if you knew what style suited your lifestyle and your wardrobe was ready for these occasions?

Sign up to join this exciting challenge and learn how to make your wardrobe work for you... no more closets bursting at the seams with clothes that you never wear... instead you will have a clearer vision of your personal style and what should be in your wardrobe that fits your unique style

"When we were small children, we all dressed up & everyone had a good time. So why stop?" Why not take the advice of Iris Apfel and have fun!



“Such a creative lady-I have worn two of Moira’s headpieces to weddings- so light and comfortable to wear for the entire day. She has the intuitive skill of knowing what will best suit her clients and has fantastic advice on colour and style.”




“I so enjoyed wearing this piece. It was comfortable, stylish, perfect with my outfit and incredibly well made. I highly recommend  this designer for your headpiece. Thanks Moira.”



Are you ready to have fun with your wardrobe and find your true iconic style?








Moira O’Toole


Colour & Style Consultant

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